The wolverine mission:

Wolverine Flow Control is foundational build on the following principles:

              • Motivate our employees to have fun every day

              • Represent and provide high quality, innovative valve and automation products, fair and competitively priced.

              • Be the EASIEST company to do business with day to day, month to month, year to year.

              • Provide a work environment that stimulates innovation and new ideas from all of our employees

              • Support Employees, Customers AND Vendors equally as they are ALL critical components to our success

              •  100% commitment to quality

              • Exceed performance expectations for all stakeholders

It is critical to the success of our company that our employees, our vendors, and our customers understand that each of them ARE the foundation of our business. Collectively, we strive to simply do our job of providing industrial valves, automation, and related services as well as or better than any of our competitors in the market.

Being the biggest is irrelevant. Recognition from our employees, our vendors, and our customers that we are BEST IN CLASS for what we do is our ultimate mission.


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Wolverine Flow Control, LP

Corporate Headquarters

3161 Burgoyne Road
Houston, TX 77057

Houston: 832-380-8260