V-AXX is the next generation 5 offset butterfly valve offering solutions in severe conditions where consistent, continuous positive shut off or reliable control are critical. Dr. Gregor Gaida, who invented and patented the 4 offset butterfly valve, has introduced the first butterfly valve in the world which is not using a regular cone for it ́s seat design.

In the newly designed V-AXX® valve, the seat shape can be changed around the whole seat without restrictions. If necessary, the angle of the seat, even in the shaft area, can be 25° or more, without changing the angle in other areas. This is only possible due to the unique seat design, which is not formed by a simple cone but by a much more complex shape not yet described in geometry. Click For More Information

5 Offset Butterfly Valve
Lugged Offset Butterfly Valve
ISO Double Flange Offset Butterfly Valve
B16.10 Double Flang Offset Butterfly Valve
Butt Weld End Offset Butterfly Valve

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